lunedì 12 novembre 2012

I miss the USA

I  miss the USA so bad! I lived there for just 6 months, but I loved everything! I'm gonna post some of my favorite pics between the ones I took there ( I took more then 7000 pics, so it's hard to decide!)
Here's the first part.. :)

domenica 11 novembre 2012


After more than a year I decided to open my blog again!
two of my passions are fashion and traveling, so this is what the blog will be about starting from now!
Enjoy! (:

lunedì 16 gennaio 2012

First day in American high school!

Finally I'm here in Michigan! Everything is so perfect and I love my host family!
Here are some pics... I took one of those pic the first day I went to school for have a little tour! (Sorry for the bad resolution of the pics but we had a some problems lol)

venerdì 13 gennaio 2012

USA, here I come!

Today I'm leaving for the USA! Yeah!!! I'll be an exchange student in Michigan for 6 months! I can't wait! (:


domenica 24 aprile 2011

Pepe Jeans London e Andy Warhol: fashion accessories S/S 2011

[gallery columns="4"]

This collection is the result of this partnership and consists of a series of "original" accessories.
For example you can see a black and white belt coordinated with the scarf.
then there are some great t-shirts with artistic designs and a shoulder bag.

this was a little description of this collection, but now I want to express my opinion...
1st: the belt: I don't get it. "Brillo soap pads"?? "shines aluminium fast"?? I do not like. This sound like a advertisement!
2nd: the scarf: I like it. is original, and this does not seem like an advertisement XD I also think that this scarf can make a simple daywear special. I want it! :)
3rd: t-shirts: I like it. I especially like the one with the marilyn's face (also if that's nothing of innovative...)
4th: shoulder bag: I don't like it. it's original, but I woudn't wear it.

what do you think about this collection?

sabato 23 aprile 2011

Angelina Jolie‎ for Vuitton

yes, that's true: Angelina Jolie signed as face for Louis Vuitton! (what a great couple!)
The campaign will be created next summer and Angelina will be paid approximately $ 10 million (wow!).
Now we have to wait for see those pictures!

I think it will be a wonderful campaign, wbu? :)

I'm back!!!

hello world!
after 4 months I'm here again!
I promise that I'll update the blog at least once for months, and even more from June!

and happy easter!!! :)