domenica 28 novembre 2010

Who is her?

oh...she's cute, she's wonderful, she's so original she's...

did you really believe me? :D HAHAHA I was joking! I should be in the dark and with eyes closed to say that she has nice clothes...

who is she? :D try to win...hehe

Who is her?

Oh my god...I haven't got words for describe this... It's orrible! Tell me why?!?!?! bleah...

ok... now try to guess who is her! It's easy... XD

Who go out with pajamas?

oh my god ...
when I saw this picture I immediately thought:
"But people don't mirror before leaving home?" It's shocking...
ok...Now comment and try to guess who's the pop star that go out with pajamas ....

mercoledì 24 novembre 2010

Rihanna at MTV EMA 2010

here’s what Rihanna wore during her performance at the MTV EMA 2010

I like her garment, it's romantic and aggresive at the same time... the dress It's wonderful, even if the skirt could be a bit longer in front... I don't like the shoes, but overall the final look is good. Hair and make-up are fantastic... she has a light make-up and her hair are beautiful... I do not understand the meaning of the crown ...

Rating: B

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sorry for the bad quality of the photos…X

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sabato 13 novembre 2010

Hayley Williams

here's what she wore at MTV EMA 2010... Ok... she's my favourite singer... But I have to say that I don't like her  shoes in the first outift.  she also made a brave choice because these high waist overalls looks good on a few people (usually on tall girls)... I prefer her second outifit...

I don't like her hair and make-up of the first photo, but I do like her pony tail, and make up of the second picture...sooo I totally prefer her in the second outfit...

Rate first outfit (black suit): F

Rate for the second outfit (with BoB): B+

Eva Longoria

Here's some of her garment at MTV EMA 2010...

I really love all her garment, her hair, and her make up... but there is one thing that I have to say... girl, we know that you have beautiful legs, but next time you can also put the pants, or a skirt... ok?

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Emily Osment

Here's what she wear a MTV EMA 2010 in Madrid.      

OK... I really like the dress because the color is beautiful,

shoes, handbag and accessories blacks are very nice,
but I HATE the combination of blue and black together ...
I do not likeher hair at all ...there aren't short or long ...
She could put the extension,short cuts, or do a hairstyle...                                                                            She earns one point beacause she chose the right length for the dress ...
she's lean and has done well to show her legs... I like make-up...

Rate: D+ (6/10)                                                                                                                                                                       Because I  like dress and makeup, but I don't like the combination with black and her hair...

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Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is the most beautiful person in the world for People magazine!At 42 the actress was again elected as the most beautiful person in the world, leaving behind even more young men and women.
She was already appeared three more times on the cover of People magazine
in the ranking Most Beautiful People In The World … and then she has won the title 4 times! I thinkthat she really deserve! =D


Rihanna likes to change look and surprise her fans and recently we saw her wear                                                                                               the pointy shoes painted                                                                                                                                                                                                                     with delicate pastel colors (fabulous), and dresses in delicate colors or floral …       Usually we’re used to seeing her with a style more “aggressive” …
how do you prefer? romantic or aggressive style?

comment all and at the end we will see how the fans prefer her!

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style star

In this category we will comment the style of international stars... in positive and negative... togheter we say what we think about their look... and we rated it! Every week I'll organize a lot of games...(fashion games... XD)

cooming soon... :D